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Vendors Applications
Vendors Applications
Contact us via email at

Vendor Registration Juneteenth Chicago  Festival 2003
Thursday, June 19th through Sunday 22nd
Mail in application deadline Saturday, June 7, 2003
Dry Product Vendors $50.00 per day     Food  Vendors $75.00 per day

Vendor Name_______________________________________________________________

Contact Person_________________________________ Phone Number_______________

Email___________________________________ Website___________________________

Description of Exhibit_________________________________________________________

Vendor Categories (choose what applies):

Exhibitor__ Amusements__ Commercial Food__ Pre-package Food__ Non-profit/no sales__

Remember to enclose description, photos, insurance policies, menus as specified.

1 day space fee for the above categories: No. of spaces____ x Fee = Total Enclosed

Space fee is enclosed for the above categories. Total Fees Enclosed: $_____________

Money Order or Cashiers Check only No Personal Checks

I understand that neither the City of Chicago or the Juneteenth Chicago, nor the Chairperson or any assistants are responsible for the loss of, or damage to work, equipment, personal injuries or property damage; nor will I be a part of any legal action against the Festival Board Staff or City of Chicago. Exhibitors selling food or drink without a permit will be asked to leave. The show will be held rain or shine and no refunds are issued unless the application is rejected prior to the show. I understand the rules and regulations of the show and agree to abide by them.

Signature____________________________________________________ Date_______________
Remember to enclose description, photos, insurance policy, and menus as specified.
Send completed application and money order to:
Juneteenth Chicago  650 n. Long Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60644-1510
Phone: (773 )  -  689-6105773-580-9384
All food Vendor
IRA Summer Festival Certification Program
Illinois Restaurant association
200 N. lasalle, Suite 880  Chicago, Illinois 60601
festavil vendor may register via fax or phone
Fax 312-787-4792
Phone 312 787-4000
Tuition fee $25.00 Members
Non-Members $30.00
For late registration information please call the above phone numbers

click print to make copy***for questions click on application above to email question